Associations: The Symbiotic Relationship of Neural Connections and User Experience Design

Degree Project

My City My Pride

Internship Project

Zen and the Art of Quadcopter Making

Memory Box

Everyone has a story to share!

Gesture Controlled Car \m/

Movements and motion inspired this project to map our hands to create a gesture controlled car!


A game to make the world a better place!

The Evolution of Telecommunication

Marshall McLuhan coined the term “Medium is the Message”, which describes the symbiotic relationship in which the medium influences how the message is perceived.

Gnōthi Seauton “Know Thyself”

Haptic Hangman

Words at your fingertips!

Product Interface Design

The aim of this project was to enhance the user experience of an existing product through a user study to understand the problems and solve them.

Grok Up!

To grok means to understand intuitively and empathetically. All beings seek out to be understood . Therefore, communication is an integral part of life.

DIY: Hoverboard

मेरा भारत

Hashtag or Hierarchy?!

“Hypertext and social tagging tend to defeat the whole point of information hierarchy but they still work.”

How Things Work : Clouds and Servers

The technology that defines the working of an object or system is called the implementation model.

Product Photography

Realistic Render

It’s a Small World

An Illustrative Guide